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Must Have Solar Power Solar Training Books

Must Have Solar Power Solar Training Books

There are dozens of books out there on solar power and it is hard to figure out which ones are good and which are just full of junk and generic information. I have reviewed dozens of books while working on various solar training courses so have a good understanding of the good and bad. I have listed below several books that are good and worth your time to read through. Many will cover similar material but what I have found is each has some information in them that the others do not. It can be as simple as covering photovoltaic panel layouts and how to determine loads to general system types or as complicated as battery backup information. So each will give you a wealth of information. Some are a steal at their price well others seem really overpriced. What I have found with the pricing is that the higher priced ones jump into more technical issues and without a basic understanding already you could get lost in the information so keep that in mind.

The links that follow each listing are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you purchase any of these books through the links listed so I would like to thank you ahead of time if you do so because that is how I keep this site up and running.

To the books.

Photovoltaic Systems by James P. Dunlop is the first book. It is priced retail at around $95.00 but can be found for the low seventies too. Just click here to see this book on Amazon. This book is slightly higher priced than many of the others I am going to list but does not fit the group of books that are more technical. This is a widely used book by many solar training programs because it starts with the basics and works through to more advanced topics. If you want a book that covers everything you need to know to get into the solar industry then do not pass this book up. I have read it and really enjoyed it and now that it is in its second edition the information is updated and many new items have been added that add great value to this textbook.

Grid-connected Solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Handbook for Planning, Design and Installation (Earthscan Expert Series) This book is a pre-release and the only reason it is listed is because I have enjoyed Earthscan’s Expert Series and the previous book is Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Handbook for Planning, Design and Installation (Earthscan Expert Series). That book focused strictly on Stand-alone systems so this book being newer should have more updated information on Grid-connected systems so if you plan to work with this type of system a lot then this would be a good book to get a hold of to read through. Even if you are really familiar with these systems this book will surely have a couple key points that make it worth having.

Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Handbook for Planning, Design and Installation (Earthscan Expert Series) As I just mentioned about the previous book this is an Earthscan book that I enjoyed and is focused on Stand-alone solar power systems. Stand-alone is not as big a market as grid-connected is but if you plan to work with a company you will be installing these every so often. If you are planning on having one of these installed on your home that is in a remote are or just on a vacation home or something then this would be a great book to read over.

Photovoltaics for Professionals: Solar Electric Systems Marketing, Design and Installation If your looking to get into this industry and be a professional installer this book has some wonderful information. I would also recommend this for anyone looking to move up into management or interested in starting their own business. The book covers everything in a very structured manor and has some wonderful information that is not covered as well in other books.

Photovoltaics: Design and Installation ManualThis book was designed by and used by Solar Energy International which has some great training. Unlike some other books this one covers some basic electrical topics very well and has many key points that are not covered as well in other books. If your looking for something for basic entry level learning this is a great starter book.


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