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Advantages of Solar Energy Over Wind Energy

There are many advantages of solar energy over wind power. Solar energy is produced by the sun’s radiation and emits no pollution. With wind power, you will have to deal with noise pollution. Wind mills are typically very noisy when in operation. You will find that solar cells are the only renewable energy source that does not make any sound when in operation.

Another great benefit is the fact that solar energy is completely renewable. You will never have to be concerned about running out of sunlight because the sun is an endless source of power. Wind power is an unreliable energy source because it is impossible to predict when enough wind will be available to produce energy.

Wind power produces far less electricity produced than what is generated by solar energy. You will need a large landscape area for the construction of numerous wind turbines to produce the required amount of energy needed. Solar panels do not take up that much space and generate a great amount of energy.

In addition, you can only harness wind energy from areas when the wind is powerful enough all the time. In most cases, those areas will not be on your property, which means you will have to spend extra money to set up your wind turbines in areas that have an abundance of wind.

The startup cost of solar energy can be expensive, but in the long run it is cheaper than most other forms of renewable energy. Once you clear your startup cost, you will see start to see a great profit. Also, solar panels are very reliable and do not have any moving parts; wind turbines can break down and need replacement. With solar panels, you will be able to generate thousands of hours of electricity without the need for much maintenance. Wind turbines require much maintenance and the cost to repair them can be costly.

With solar power, you can be on the grid or off the grid. Going off the grid can be very beneficial and is a major advantage of solar energy. If you decide to go off grid, you will not have a connection to an electricity grid, and all of your house or place of business will be powered by solar energy. If you go off grid, you will not have a monthly bill and will save money in the long run.

When deciding between solar energy and wind power, solar power offers you many advantages and benefits. For more information on how consumers access renewable resources, check out

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